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Friday, February 18, 2011

List of Coptic Persecution Events in Egypt

List of sectarian incidents against the Copts in Egypt in 40 years

Events of the attack on Christians in the era of Gamal Abdel Nasser
1968: Attack on a church on the outskirts of Luxor
1970: There was a battle unfortunate and painful years in the cemetery of Coptic Bokhmim Vihamchristi killed and dozens wounded 

Events of the attack on Christians in the era of Mohamed Anwar Sadat
1972: Set fire to a house Bible Society Bakhankp 
1975: Attacks on the brutality of the Muslims during Ramadan celebrations and cracking shops Christians and the Church of the angel in Assiut.
1978: Iatdaet and killed with knives for some Christian students Boiade Islamic groups in the Assiut.
1980: Islamic groups got used to the Christian students living on campus in Alexandria.
1981: Attacks on the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic groups and Christians on the police in the governorate of Assiut.
1981: The bloody attacks on the Copts in the red corner and killed 86 Christians and the attack on the hundreds of houses and shops.
1981: Asyut massacre that claimed the lives of hundreds and the slaughter of the Coptic police officers.

Events of the attack on Christians in the era of Hosni Mubarak
**Note that the following event are a sample of the recorded events in the era of Mubarak. Many other events were not recorded like the kidnapping of many minors to be converted to Islam.

1990: Bloody events for the loader - Manfalout - claimed the lives of 6 killed and 50 wounded Christians.
1990: Burning of agricultural land belongs to the Christians in the Bulaq Dakrur because of a common construction of a church.
1990: The attack on the Copts in Abo Kerkas.
1990: Manfalout bloody events and the number of Christians killed.
1990: Bloody assault on the Copts were killed, including six of the priest at the center of the lake Abu Elmatamir
1991: Attacked by gunmen from the Islamic guerrillas on the Copts in Imbaba
1991: The massacre of 13 Christians Copts in the village in Assiut Mansheya.
1992: Massacre in which 14 Christian Copts in the village of Mansheya - Village Wissa - Dirout Assiut.
1992: Killed 4 of the Copts and the looting and theft, sabotage and chaos pass surged.
1993: Attacks on Muslims of the Copts in the city of Asyut.
1994: Armed terrorist attack on the Monastery of the Virgin Mary Muharraq Baqusip and killed 5 monks were killed with machine guns
1997: 9 Copts killed  in front of St. George Church in the village of Property.
1997: 13 Copts killed and six injured in the entire estate of the village of Takla Bahgourah Center Nag Hammad.
1998: First Kosheh massacre in Sohag and killed Copts and put their bodies on the outskirts of the village.
1999: Killing of Christians from the Church of St. George in Heliopolis shot dead by Islamic groups.
2000: Second Kosheh massacre and looting of houses of Christians, killing and slaughter and burning of 19 Copts in front of their families.
2002: Muslim attack on the Church of the Virgin Mary in a village in Minya.
2003: an Islamic guerrilla attack on the village mound center of Al-Giza.
2003: Muslims kill Coptic Nama Malak Sahfiek using Police-issued gun.
2005: Muslims attacking churches and Coptic Christians in Alexandria and injuring dozens.
2005: kill a Coptic lawyer Sabri Zaki, strangled and then received from the balcony of his office.
2005: Barbaric attacks on shops and houses of the Coptic village of Kafr Ibrahim safety of the "Church of Abu Seven" center Qamh East.
Egyptian Coptic Christian in Intensive Care after Muslim assault, 2006
2006: Diffusion of road accidents that kill clearly Christians.
2006: The bloody attack on the worshipers Coptic churches of Alexandria.
2006: The acquisition of territory the status of Copts in the village of Bath Obnob Assiut 
2006: Displacement of 15 families from the village of Coptic Hegaza tribal center Qus Qena.
2006: Incident the deadliest against the Copts in the village of Kafr safety eastern region.
2006: Beheaded one of the Copts in Aswan. 
2006: Mysterious murder of St Botros' Relative (director of TV Channel Aghapy) 
2006: Slaughter of a Coptic employee in Qena.
2006: Islamists kill the young man Mamdouh Hanna ElNemr in broad daylight in Deft El Laben area.
2006: Muslims occupy a Coptic house in the Nag Hammadi and steal all his possessions. 
2006: Murder of Deacon Joseph Isaac  in the province of Minya after the threat that should not go to Mass.
2007: Police helps in the attack on Christians in Deir Mawas and bloody persecution against Copts, some injured and the destruction of homes and shops in the village of Ayat Bahma.
2007: Harassment of Copts after Friday prayers Ba'eqat north of Luxor.
2007: Muslims attacked the Church of the Virgin. 
2007: Islamist attack on the two Christians families, and the fall of the 4 wounded, and serious damage to property in the village of Saft Meidum Markez Wasty 
2007: State Security arrested the correspondent of Christians United in Egypt without charge.
2007: Muslim attack on Christians in the village of Kom Ombo in Aswan
2007: The killing of two Copts fifty bullets in the neck in a village in Sohag surrounded near the village of Kosheh 
Copts demonstrating in the Netherlands. Credit: the Coptic website Coptreal 


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