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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Seventh Day | Palestinian Army of Islam elements behind the explosion of the Church of Rafah

Seventh Day | Army of Islam Palestinian elements behind the explosion of the Church of Rafah:

Palestinian Army of Islam (Archive)
"Security sources and local responsible in northern Sinai that what happened near the Church of Rafah, Gateway, for the unknown likely they are elements of the Army of Islam in the Gaza Strip and other elements threw a bomb or a landmine detonated near the fence Church Rafah without injuries or casualties recalls, adding that the same elements of the work of the destruction of important government installations in Rafah.
The eyewitnesses said that a car seen near the church and the Culture Palace of Rafah, where the unknown elements of trying to steal some of the contents of the church and the burning part within a few days ago and have also destroyed some of the crosses.
Witnesses said that the fumes were seen for several days rising from inside the church, which was not located by one of the Copts did not result in loss of the church building.
The sources accused some elements of the Army of Islam the Arab gas pipeline blew up and off gas supplies to Jordan and Israel temporarily until the repair site of the explosion.
This is the people's committees of young people to monitor the Rafah tunnels and monitoring of any elements that might enter the city, especially by armed elements."

Here is a video of the church after burning:
(Notice on the wall of the church it says[in Arabic]: "No Place for Christians in the Lands of Muslims")

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